LTS Installations, Commercial Window Installations

Commercial Window installations

LTS Installations, Commercial Window Installations
LTS Installations, Commercial Window Installations

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LTS Installations has a chain of activities to create value to its customers:

Inbound Logistics : LTS deals with suppliers from Auckland who brings glass windows and frames from China.

Operations : The operations are centralised in the building sites of constructions. Their employees and equipment are placed inside the buildings.

Outbound Logistics : Installing the frames and the windows with efficiency and customer satisfaction at the client's property are the company's outbound, which are the final results for their service.

Marketing and Sales : Website, Social Media and the company already made a reputation in the industry so the clients also look for them.

Customers Service : Maintaining the customer satisfaction is the main objective of LTS. They have feedback from their clients to evaluate the rendered service. In this way, the company can know directly its customers' opinion and satisfaction about the service.

Firm Structure : LTS departments are very conscious of its responsibilities. The company's CEO, the foreman, and the HRM work together to provide safe & quality service and achieve the trust and satisfaction of the customers.

Human Resource Management : The Human Resource department of LTS focuses on the employees' development. The company has a belief that it is important to give an opportunity for people who are looking for a job and don't have expertise yet. They give training and prepare the employee to install the windows efficiently. Lastly, a very good and competitive salary is paid for its employee.

Technology Development : Applications are used by LTS to update information about the activities progress and to control the attendance of the employees. Also, LTS is acquiring innovative equipment for installing windows.

Procurement: LTS Installations have a good relationship with its suppliers, they meet very often especially when they discuss their must and rights in which makes the negotiation easier.




Brooke Windbuchler - General Manager

Born and Bred in the Bay of Plenty, Brooke is a devoted family man that enjoys playing sports, learning about other cultures and taking on a challenge.

His employees describe him as an easy-going, humble bloke with good Kiwi values. Brooke values his team members and is happy to have them on board.

Brooke Windbuchler - General Manager








Aline Brito - Office Administration


" It`s a pleasure to be part of this team where i learn and make friendships every day! "









Karl Marsden - Foreman











Gregorio Buenaventura - Foreman











Dave Braganza - Foreman











Teody Buenavetura - Foreman











Manuel Manahan - Installer











Rafael Nunes - Installer











Froilan Copicop - Installer











Ricki Smiler - Installer











Louie Novicio - Installer











Tyronne Smiler - Installer


" LTS is where you get the best of both worlds, quality and quantity "









Ron Bacani - Installer











Joseph Bergonio - Installer











Roberto Assimos - Installer











Aleksey Tsybizov - Installer